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Silver Hawaiian Necklace for Women

This two sided simple pendant has special meaning to me.  Once I saw the beautiful traditional Hawaiian carved pattern on fish bone in Maui I knew I needed to do something with it.  The woman who did the carving, indicated fish bone jewelry was traditionally given and placed over over a loved ones head before heading out to fish at sea.

 I have taken an impression of the carved fish bone onto silver for one side and carved another Hawaiian cross pattern on the other for two different looks.

Hanging from braided leather, subtle, but rich texture adds to this simple, classic look.  Touches of Polynesia without over doing it.  

The leather has a natural curved appearance, it should sit at the base of the neck.  Meant to wear fairly short.  

Im wearing the 17 inch length in the photo.  (I have a small to medium size neck.) :)  


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