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Unisex Silver Hawaiian Necklace

This large two sided simple pendant has special meaning to me.  Once I saw the beautiful traditional Hawaiian carved pattern on fish bone in Maui I knew I needed to do something with it.  The woman who did the carving, indicated fish bone jewelry was traditionally given and placed over over a loved ones head before heading out to fish at sea to help keep them safe.  

 I have taken an impression of the carved fish bone onto silver for one side and carved another Hawaiian cross pattern on the other for two different looks. Originally intended as a man's necklace, I made the pendant very thick for a masculine look, and used a 5mm braided leather cord......But I really like the way it looks on the gals too!  

The leather ends are capped with beautifully detailed ends and lobster type clasp, all sterling silver.  

The leather has a natural curved appearance, it should sit at the base of the neck.  It is meant to wear fairly short.  

I'm wearing the 18 inch length in the photo.  (I have a small to medium size neck.) :)  

Men would most likely need to select the 19 or 20 inch size.  

See the smaller version for women.  Would be perfect for his/hers gift. 

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